A-Z of British Botanicals

A collection of alphabetical botanical cards and matching poster with an interactive floor puzzle on the reverse of the cards.

Book Covers

Catchlights original cover and redesign for John Murray Originals Design Competition

The Uninhabitable Earth original cover and redesign for Penguin’s Student Design Awards. Redesigned to capture more of an end-of-the-world aesthetic.

Canal Boat Leporello Concertina Book

A response to a field study, for which I chose to focus on the canal near my house, I created a Leporello style publication which folds out into one long illustration. I wanted to capture the idyllic culture that surrounds the canal. Each of the narrowboats you walk past along the towpath are so detailed and unique with all the items the boaters keep on their roofs, in their windows or painted on the sides of the boat. This illustration depicts the inner workings of a lock and process of canal boats slowly making their way through the countryside on the canal.

Concertina Book

A Field Guide to Winter Plant Lore Specimens

A set of info cards on the folklore, magical properties, literature and remedies of select winter flowering plants. Each card depicts a pressed plant specimen as well as a watercolour illustration. Each plant is accompanied by their common and latin names, snippets of literature, folklore and old natural remedies the plant was used for.

Plant Lore Info Cards

Bido Lito Jane Weaver Article Submission

Sound City Music Festival

Winning entry created using linocut for the annual Sound City music festival poster competition

Liverpool Washer Women

A headscarf designed as a tribute in response to old 1950s documentary films of the Liverpool housewives hard at work in the wash houses.